When managing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), nutrition plays a crucial role in symptom management and overall well-being. 

But you don’t have to avoid bread (or any food) completely when you have PCOS. 

My goal as a PCOS Dietitian is to help you improve your PCOS symptoms with nutrition but also reduce your stress around food. 

While many “influencers” online focus on avoiding certain foods completely, that just isn’t realistic or necessary.  

I’m going to show you how to choose a healthy bread that will actually help improve your PCOS symptoms and overall health.

Plus, you get to eat bread again, so that is another win!

What to look for in a healthy bread for PCOS?

When choosing carbohydrates for PCOS you should look for ones that will help stabilize blood sugar levels, reduce insulin resistance and promote better hormonal balance.

PCOS-friendly bread should ideally be:

  • Look for breads labeled as “whole grain” or “whole wheat,” as these options contain more fiber and nutrients compared to their refined counterparts.
  • Low in refined sugars and processed grains
  • High in fiber with at least 3g fiber per slice
  • Low glycemic index (GI)
  • Consider alternatives like sourdough bread which has a lower GI or sprouted grain bread, which offer more fiber and protein per slice.

Graphic for the best bread for PCOS, listing the tops things to look for when selecting the best type of bread for PCOS.

Key factors to consider when selecting bread for PCOS: 

You may have been scared to eat bread for a number of reasons like you were told to avoid gluten (more on that later) and bread makes you fat (not it doesn’t). 

It’s important to remember a few things when it comes to eating bread when you have PCOS- Portion and Pairing.

Portion Size

Portion size does matter because the goal with PCOS management is to prevent blood sugar and insulin spikes. So, eating the whole bread basket at the restaurant AND your pasta entree, is not going to promote happy hormones. 

I generally recommend my clients consume between 30-45g carbs per meal (this varies for individuals) so it is totally fine to have a sandwich with two slices of bread.


Eating carbohydrates will increase blood sugar (as it’s supposed too), but the problem arises when it increases too much and the body has a degree of insulin resistance (like individuals with PCOS).

So to prevent big glucose and insulin spikes, I recommend PAIRING bread (carbs) with a protein, fiber and healthy fat.

This is why choosing bread that is a good source of fiber like whole grain or sprouted grain bread is so important. 

PAIRING the whole wheat bread with turkey, lettuce, tomato and avocado will help control blood sugar levels which will help balance hormones and manage PCOS symptoms. 

Plus it provides a variety of anti-inflammatory and gut supporting nutrients to address the other concerns with PCOS. 

Want to learn more about pairing foods for PCOS? Check out my free course below.

Types of PCOS-Friendly Bread:

Whole Wheat Bread

  • Look for breads labeled as “whole grain” or “whole wheat” as these options contain more fiber and nutrients compared to refined breads.
  • Rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so it provides sustained energy, helps regulate blood sugar levels, and supports gut health.

Sourdough Bread

  • This fermented bread undergoes a natural fermentation process, which can improve digestibility and reduce the bread’s impact on blood sugar levels. 
  • Sourdough bread is also lower in gluten, making it a suitable option for individuals with gluten sensitivities.

Sprouted Grain Bread

  • Sprouted grain bread is made from whole grains that have been allowed to sprout before being ground into flour. 
  • This process increases the bread’s fiber and protein content, enhances digestibility, and may improve insulin sensitivity.

Gluten Free Whole Grain Breads

You DO NOT need to be gluten free if you have PCOS. I repeat, there is no scientific evidence showing this. 

But if you have an sensitivity to gluten or are avoiding it to manage another medical condition, you should still know what kind of breads to look for.

The problem with most gluten free breads is that they are very low in fiber.

To get the health benefits of whole grains look for gluten free breads made with brown rice flour, sorghum, certified gluten free oats or millet flour. 

Benefits of  Bread

Impact on Blood Sugar Levels 

Choosing PCOS-friendly breads with a low GI can help prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes, reducing the risk of insulin resistance and promoting stable energy levels throughout the day.

Fiber Content and Gut Health

The high fiber content of PCOS-friendly breads supports digestive health, promotes satiety, and helps regulate hormones involved in PCOS management.

Micronutrients and Antioxidants

Whole grain breads are rich in essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which play a crucial role in overall health and hormonal balance.

How to Incorporate PCOS-Friendly Bread into Your Diet:

It can be scary to add in a “forbidden  food” again, but give yourself permission to eat and enjoy.

Here are some meal/snack ideas to get you started:

  • Whole wheat toast spread with avocado, cottage cheese or eggs
  • Sourdough sandwiches with lean protein and veggies
  • Sprouted grain toast with nut butter and berries
  • Make french toast with a sprouted grain bread and high protein egg custard.
  • Open faced toasted cheese sandwich with sliced tomatoes on whole grain bread.
  • Use whole grain bread to make your own bread crumbs in the food processor. 

Don’t forget to try out different whole wheat pitas, whole wheat naan bread and whole wheat wraps as well!

When selecting bread, opt for varieties with minimal added sugars and preservatives, and store them properly to maintain freshness and quality.

Here’s a list of PCOS-friendly bread brands available at national grocery stores.

When selecting a brand, opt for varieties with minimal added sugars and preservatives, and store them properly to maintain freshness and quality.

  • Ezekiel 4:9 Bread – Available at most major grocery stores, Ezekiel bread is made from sprouted grains and legumes, providing a good source of fiber and nutrients.
  • Dave’s Killer Bread – Known for its hearty and nutritious options, Dave’s Killer Bread offers whole grain varieties with seeds and nuts for added texture and flavor.
  • Canyon Bakehouse – A popular choice for gluten-free bread options, Canyon Bakehouse offers a range of delicious gluten-free bread that’s suitable for individuals with PCOS who may have gluten sensitivities.
  • Alvarado Street Bakery – Alvarado Street Bakery specializes in organic whole grain bread, including sprouted wheat and sourdough varieties, which are ideal choices for PCOS-friendly diets.
  • Food for Life – Food for Life offers a variety of sprouted grain bread, including Ezekiel bread and other sprouted grain options, which are rich in fiber and nutrients.
  • Oroweat Whole Grains – Oroweat offers whole grain bread varieties that are low in added sugars and high in fiber, making them suitable choices for PCOS management.
  • Udi’s Gluten Free – Udi’s Gluten Free provides a range of gluten-free bread options that are made with wholesome ingredients and free from artificial additives, perfect for individuals with gluten sensitivities associated with PCOS.
  • Nature’s Own – Nature’s Own offers whole grain bread varieties that are widely available at grocery stores and provide a good source of fiber and nutrients.
  • Simply Nature Knock Your Sprouts Off- Sprouted 7 Grain Bread available only at Aldi stores. This is a higher protein and higher fiber option at a great price.
  • Simply Nature- Graintatic or Seedtastic Breads (available at ALDI)- These whole grain options are basically the generic version of Dave’s Killer bread. So you get the great taste and all the nutrition at a lower price. (This is the bread that I buy every week).

Just remember to check the ingredient list and nutrition label to ensure that the bread meets your specific dietary needs and preferences.

Final thoughts…

Hopefully this article has reduced the stress around wanting to eat bread but feeling like you can’t because you have PCOS.

Incorporating whole grain, sprouted grain or sourdough breads into your meals planning will help you add more fiber to your diet and essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential for improving insulin resistance, decreasing inflammation and improving gut health.

Plus, bread is delicious.

If you want to learn more about what to actually eat for PCOS and how to build a hormone balancing plate, check out my free 5-Day PCOS Course- Balance Your Plate for Happy Hormones.

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