Imagine a life where you are in control of your PCOS

Balance hormones, increase energy and improve your relationship with food all without another fad diet

Be Balanced with PCOS Lifestyle Reset. Is it right for you?

  • Are you ready to gain control of your PCOS symptoms (including weight, yes, weight is a symptom of PCOS) without following another fad diet?
  • Are you totally confused about what to eat when you have PCOS? 
  • Has having PCOS left you feeling exhausted, frustrated and hopeless? 
  • Do you want to adopt a lifestyle that helps reduce risk of chronic diseas (diabetes, fatty liver, heart disease) and metabolic health? 
  • Are you wanting to improve your chance of getting pregnant naturally or positively impact your fertility journey?

Hi! I’m Meggie. A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist living with PCOS.

When I was diagnosed with PCOS, I was told “Here is some birth control and come back when you want to get pregnant.” Sound familiar?

I had no idea that the acne, excess hair growth, mood swings, INTENSE carb cravings, rapid weight gain and extreme fatigue were related to my PCOS. I was just told I might have trouble getting pregnant.

When I went back to school to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is when I learned that nutrition played a major role in improving PCOS symptoms. I was both shocked and angry that no doctor had told me this.

So I dove into the research on nutrition and lifestyle factors for PCOS (I even completed my Master’s thesis on PCOS and diabetes risk) for two reasons. I wanted to know how to manage my own symptoms and I wanted to be able to share this knowledge with all individuals with PCOS.

PCOS Dietitian Nutritionist Meggie Connelly

Does having PCOS make you feel like this?

→ Like you have no control over your body

→Exhausted by 3pm each day.

→You start a new PCOS diet plan with excitement but after a few weeks you can no longer sustain it.

→Every time you lose weight on a diet, you end up gaining more back when you stop.

→Your relationship with food has suffered due to years of dieting.

→Nothing works to improve your PCOS symptoms and you feel defeated.

→Overwhelmed with the diagnosis and uncertain about what to do.

→You are tired of hearing “Just lost weight?” as a treatment for your PCOS?


Be Balanced with PCOS

Lifestyle Reset Program

This program was designed to address the root causes of PCOS with nutrition and lifestyle changes that are sustainable.

Create the life you desire.

Conquering PCOS doesn’t require extremes. You learn to create balance in your health behaviors so they are sustainable.

Stop extreme diets.

Fad diets aren’t sustainable and often lead to yo-yo dieting and weight gain. 

Treat your PCOS at the root cause.

We address the drivers of PCOS-insulin resistance, inflammation and gut health.

Restore your cycle naturally.

Whether you are wanting to get pregnant or not, balancing hormones will help regulate your cycle.

Eliminate carb cravings.

Learn to create balanced meals and snacks that support blood sugar regulation to prevent cravings. 

Improve energy levels.

PCOS fatigue is the worst. Learn to increase your energy levels naturally so you can do the activities you love. 

Reduce the physical symptoms of PCOS.

Weight gain, acne, excess hair growth and hair loss are all signs of an imbalance in hormones. Once corrected these symptoms improve.

Improve your relationship with food. 

Let’s bring back the pleasure of eating.  There is no need to fear food or restrict yourself.  Learn a Food-as-Medicine approach to healing PCOS.

"This program helped me feel like "me" again. I have more energy but most importantly joy in my life."

-Morgan P.

Previous Client

What’s included?

Be Balanced with PCOS Lifestyle Reset Program is revolutionary PCOS program that combines supportive coaching with an in-depth, evidenced based course to help you to effortlessly adopt sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes to beat PCOS.


  • Access to the Be Balanced with PCOS Lifestyle Reset Course & The PCOS Kitchen Cooking Course.
  • Membership in the PCOS Meal Prep Membership
  • Digital access to customizable weekly meal guides, shopping lists, thousands of PCOS approved recipes
  • Ability to ask your registered dietitian questions between sessions.
  • Weekly accountability and support in changing habits
  • Cooking videos and recipes

Two Options For Coaching

Be Balanced with PCOS Nutrition Coaching Package

3 months of 1:1 Nutrition Coaching (6 1-hour sessions)

For those individuals wanting to create a sustainable PCOS supportive lifestyle

Investment only $925


3 payments of $308.33

*HSA/FSA Accepted


Mini 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Package *

(*Does not get access to courses, in between messaging support or PCOS Meal Prep Membership)

Includes an Initial Session (60 min) + 1 Follow up (30 min)

Only $250



Weekly Customizable Meal Guides


These guides take the guess work out of what to eat when you have PCOS.

You will also learn to create delicious, balanced meals and snacks that improve PCOS symptoms.

You have access to thousands of recipes to keep you inspired.

Comprehensive PCOS Course.


Ever wonder what is going on in your body?

What is PCOS exactly?

What carbs to eat? What supplements to take?

Are there proven ways to improve PCOS?

How to meal prep without spending the day in the kitchen.

Life-time access to pre-recorded modules addressing ALL aspects of PCOS to help support you in your journey.

Healthy PCOS Food


Nutrition Coaching


Your journey starts by identifying your root causes and mapping out a game plan.

You are then supported and held accountable with coaching sessions.

Most PCOS programs are just a course and leave the implementation up to you.

But CHANGING your habits is the hardest part. I support you in making the right health behavior changes for your PCOS.


Healthy PCOS Food


  • Access to The PCOS Kitchen Cooking Course! ** 1:1 Clients only
  • PCOS Meal Prep Membership & Community
  • Ability to ask questions between coaching calls.
  • TONS of ebooks, handouts, guides to support you.
  • Cooking videos with recipes
  • Journal prompts to support your journey.
  • Weekly Meal Plans with shopping lists.
  • Supplement list
  • List of labs to monitor PCOS
  • Discount on supplements!
Healthy PCOS Food

Making an investment in yourself can be scary but…

So is staying in the same place. Year after year.

How many times have you started and stopped a diet?

How many times have you told yourself “I’ll start Monday”.

How long can you continue to deprive yourself of your favorite foods, then feel guilty when you eat them?

How long are you going to let PCOS control your life?

I learned to create sustainable diet changes.

I had been following really strict diets that weren’t sustainable and then I would end up bingeing. Through the program, I learned how to create a more sustainable diet change.


Previous Client

This program changed my life…

This program changed my life by changing my view point with food. I feel more confident now and love my body the way it is…. This program is a life changer as long as you push yourself and don’t give up. I loved challenging myself to try new foods. This program gets you out of your comfort zone in a good way.


Previois Client

I gained balance in my life.

I have gained BALANCE in life. I have fixed the unhealthy emotional dependence I had with food. Food is not “evil” anymore. I see food as fuel and can recognize my body’s needs much easier than before. I don’t feel as angry at PCOS as I was when I started this program. I was angry at how PCOS had affected my life and felt that it had robbed my future. Now I feel okay with PCOS. PCOS isn’t going anywhere, but I understand it and know how to help it, instead of fight it.


Previous Client

About Meggie

Registered Dietiain and PCOS Expert

Meggie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, PCOS Coach and Culinary Expert who helps individuals with PCOS and chronic dieters go from confused, frustrated and exhausted to confident, glowing and balanced. 

She holds both a Master’s of Science and Bachelor’s of Science degree in Dietetics from D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY.  Her research focused on identifying the perceived risk for developing type 2 diabetes in women with PCOS. Her first love has always been food, so before becoming a dietitian, she received a Bachelor’s of Science in Hospitality Management from UCF. She has been a Registered Dietitian for 8 years and has worked in the food industry for 20 years.

Her experience as a dietitian has ranged from clinical nutrition, outpatient clinics, bariatric weight loss centers, dialysis, food service management and LTC. She finds nutrition coaching to be the most rewarding job as she helps individuals fall in love with food again.

When she is not saving individuals from a life of bland and boring food, she is a mother, wife, and PCOS advocate. She enjoys reading, cooking, baking, sewing, traveling, thunder storms, yoga and strength training.  She is an old soul who would rather be wearing a 1950’s party dress and having high tea.

I’m pregnant! I’ve been trying for 3 years…

I’m pregnant! I’ve been trying for 3 years and I still can’t believe it. If I had known what I know now about PCOS and nutrition, I wouldn’t have struggled for years.



Previous Client

I had tried every fad diet under the sun.

I tried Jenny Craig, Medi Weight Loss, zero-carb diets, the lemon juice and turmeric “cleanse”, essentially all the fad diets under the sun. The food was always awful and carrying around frozen meals was not maintainable or practical.  Those diets did not work because I couldn’t maintain the rapid changes longer than a few weeks.

Be Balanced with PCOS is maintainable. Small steps every day. Little changes that are practical. And over time, a ton of little changes become big changes. And this program is literally structured on balance, which is essential to life. As Meggie has said multiple times “I want you to love your life and enjoy your life”. You can still have fun, eat pizza, have a drink, and maintain a healthy lifestyle focused on your goals.

Previous Client

My health has completely changed!

I have lost over 20 pounds, lost inches in measurements of my arms, waist, butt, and boobs, my hair and nail growth is normal again, my skin has cleared up, I don’t get cystic acne as often on my chin anymore, I ovulated and got my period on my own. My insulin levels are healthy, and I am not even close to being pre-diabetic.


Previous Client

This program is DEFINITELY for you if:


  • You want to balance your hormones and manage your PCOS naturally.
  • You want to lose weight for good! And in a sustainable way.
  • You want to stop feeling guilty when you eat your favorite foods.
  • You want to eat carbs again!
  • You are tired of being exhausted all the time.
  • You’d like to wax or shave less.
  • You would like to improve your acne.
  • You want to eliminate those intense carb cravings.
  • You want to feel like you have control over your body.
  • You want to decrease those skin tags and dark patches of skin.
  • You want to conceive a baby naturally or support your IVF journey.
  • You want a regulate cycle.
  • You want to nourish your body to prepare for pregnancy.

This program is NOT for you if:


  • You are not willing/wanting to stop following a restrictive diet.
  • Weight loss is literally your only goal, no matter what the cost to your overall health and relationship with food.
  • You are not ready to make and focus on sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes.
  • You think that you can improve your PCOS symptoms and get pregnant without making any changes to your diet and lifestyle.
  • You are looking for a “quick fix”.
  • You are not open to “new” ideas (evidenced based information).
  • You won’t try new foods. i.e. vegetables

Down 10# and ovulated on her own.

I got a positive ovulation test for the first time ever! And I’m down another 3# for a total of 10#. (First six weeks of working together)

Previous Client

I’m not exhausted anymore.

I’m not exhausted in the afternoons anymore and I’m able to enjoy the evenings with my family. I’ve also dropped a pant size, which is amazing because I haven’t been “focusing” on weight loss.


Previous Client

No more bingeing.

I had been following really strict diets that weren’t sustainable and then would end up bingeing. Through the program, I feel I was able to learn the foundation and follow up knowledge to create a more sustainable diet change.


Previous Client

Sustainable approach to PCOS

I find Meggie very friendly, warm, and approachable. I appreciate her holistic approach and promotion of sustainable changes instead of crash diets or restrictive diets.


Previous Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a group program or just a course?

Yes! I have The PCOS Kitchen Cooking Course which teaches you exactly what to eat to improve your PCOS and then it shows you HOW to do that. (Join my newletter to learn more!)

Implementation is always the hardest part. The PCOS Kitchen Cooking Course was designed to provide you with knowledge you can apply in the kitchen to make a huge impact in your health.

I also provide 1:1 nutrition coaching for those individuals that need extra accountibility and support that coaching provides for making sustainable and realistic nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Why is it I can improve my PCOS without dieting?

Because improving your PCOS is really about making changes to your whole lifestyle. It’s more than just counting calories or avoiding carbs.

Most diets that are promoted to women with PCOS don’t actually address the root issues of PCOS: insulin resistance, inflammation and gut health. 

How do I work with you?

I provide coaching services via telehealth.

Do you take insurance, credit cards, HSA?

I can take credit cards or  healthcare saving accounts (HSA) for payment.

Depending on the state you live, I can provide you with a Superbill for you to provide to your insurance company for possible reinbursement. Contact me for details.

When can I join the program?


How much does it cost?

The investment in 3 months of 1:1 nutrition coaching, including the Be Balanced with PCOS Course, weekly digital meal guides, access to The PCOS Kitchen Cooking Course is:

Only $1197 or 3 payments of $399.

The payment plan option does not cost more. 

Be Balanced with PCOS Lifestyle Reset Program Benefits:


  • Learn why you gain weight easily and how to finally lose weight.


  • Eliminate extreme fatigue and carb cravings.


  • Stop following restrictive diets and bring pleasure back to eating again.


  • Decrease risk of chronic diseases.


  • Heal your relationship with food, stop bingeing and remove guilt associated with foods.


  • Become an expert in nourishing your body.


  • Get your period back and ovulate on your own!


  • Learn exactly what you need to eat to improve your PCOS and how to make it sustainable for your life.


“Food has become something I enjoy. The mirror is not my worst enemy anymore. I learned so much about food and nutrition, specifically my hunger/fullness cues. I learned to heal my past food traumas. I uncovered why I avoided certain foods more than others. The old me had no balance. I was self conscious about eating in front of others & now I am more confident.”

Previous client

In the past I went from dieting/cutting out foods to not eating enough and working out in excessively. I use to try not to eat the so called “bad food” like carbs. I was in a continual state of self blame or frustration at myself for not losing the weight or not following the diet perfectly. This really ends up playing an emotional toll on you. Now I try new foods and don’t worry of what others think. I listen to my hunger cues. I also eat my favorite foods but balance it out with other hunger crushing combos. It is all about balance with yourself and your food choices. I am truly at peace with myself but it takes work, self love and forgiveness.”

Previous Client

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Are you ready for an evidenced based way of eating that will improve your overall health, increase energy levels, balanace hormones and help you achieve the right bodyweight for YOU?

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The PCOS Kitchen

Meet Your Dietitian

Meggie Connelly MS, RD, LDN

Meggie is a registered dietitian living with PCOS, culinary expert and a food lover.  Her favorite food is cookies. Seriously. She also loves a good PBS drama, historical romance novels, traveling and strength training. She is a mother, wife, best friend to two dogs, and entrepreneur. Her mission is to clear the nutrition clutter out there and show you how to eat, cook and enjoy healthy, delicious food.

This photo was taken the night she saw Mariah Carey in concert in Las Vegas. Dreams do come true!