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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only have a group program or can I see you one on one?

I have both a group coaching program and I see a few clients one on one. I also have courses available if your looking for the evidenced based nutrition information and don’t feel like you need the extra accountibility and support a coach provides.

Why is it I can improve my PCOS without dieting?

Because improving your PCOS is really about making changes to your whole lifestyle. It’s more than just counting calories or avoiding carbs.

Most diets that are promoted to women with PCOS don’t actually address the root issues of PCOS: insulin resistance, inflammation and gut health. 

How do I work with you?

I provide coaching services via telehealth.

Do you take insurance, credit cards, HSA?

I can take credit card or  health care saving (HSA) for payment.

I take insurance for specific conditions and individuals that reside in the state of Florida. Contact me for details.

When can I join the program?


Going gluten free and dairy free improved my PCOS, why would I change that?

That’s great if you saw an improvement in your symptoms when eliminating gluten and dairy from your diet.

But there isn’t any reasearch to support that.

Usually I find individuals that eliminated gluten and dairy, ended up changing their diet to a more whole foods, mediterranean based, anti-inflammatory diet. Hence the improvement in symptoms.

Again. Do what works for you. Doesn’t cause you more stress. Allows you to enjoy the foods you love. And is sustainable for the rest of your life. For me, that an eating pattern that includes cheese, bread and cookies. 🙂

Meet Your Dietitian

Meggie Connelly MS, RD, LDN

Meggie is a registered dietitian living with PCOS, culinary expert and a food lover.  Her favorite food is cookies. Seriously. She also loves a good PBS drama, historical romance novels, traveling and strength training. She is a mother, wife, best friend to two dogs, and entrepreneur. Her mission is to clear the nutrition clutter out there and show you how to eat, cook and enjoy healthy, delicious food.

This photo was taken the night she saw Mariah Carey in concert in Las Vegas. Dreams do come true!


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