Finally, a delicious way to improve your PCOS.

Practical, science-based PCOS nutrition information and easy recipes to improve your symptoms without stressing in the kitchen. 

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 Need help with the whole “food-as-medicine” approach to improve your PCOS?



Science-Based & Practical 

Answering your PCOS food and nutrition questions.

Plus, easy recipes to help you implement a Food-as-Medicine approach to improve PCOS symptoms.

Registered Dietitian Created & Patient Proven

Nutrition information comes from real life experiences with patients, formal education including a Master’s of Science in Dietetics, extensive research in PCOS nutrition and my own PCOS journey.

Customizeable for You

Learn how to address the root causes of your PCOS symptoms with food and nutrition without following restrictive diets. 

PCOS Friendly Chips

This article provides you with a list of PCOS friendly chips with links to different brands as well as some easy homemade versions.  No food has to be completely avoided when you have PCOS.  However, some foods are going to provide more health benefits than...

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PCOS Friendly Snacks

I have found that PCOS friendly snacks can be a key to improving PCOS symptoms. Let me explain why… Key Takeways: PCOS friendly snacks help you balance your blood sugars, improve your insulin sensitivity and provide energy throughout the day Healthy PCOS snacks can...

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Best Fruits for PCOS

What is the best fruit for PCOS? There isn’t a single “best” fruit that you should only be eating when you have Polycystic ovary syndrome or insulin resistance. You can really incorporate any fruit you like into your PCOS diet plan.  In this article, I’m going to...

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How can I help.

Practical Advice

Blog post, recipes, ebooks, videos to help you implement a Food-as-Medicine Approach.

PCOS Resources

Each product, supplement and resource is personally vetted by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. 

Plus discount codes for supplements!

PCOS Meal Prep Membership

Science-based information, weekly meal plans and accountability to help you reach your nutrition goals. 

Meet Your Dietitian

Meggie Connelly MS, RD, LDN

Meggie is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s of Science in Dietetics specializing in PCOS, Mindful Eating and Culinary Nutrition.

She is also living with PCOS and a foodie. 

Her mission is to teach you how to use foods to heal PCOS, stop stressing in the kitchen and fall in love with food again.


This program changed my life…

This program changed my life by changing my view point with food. I feel more confident now and love my body the way it is…. I loved challenging myself to try new foods. This program gets you out of your comfort zone in a good way.


Previous client

I gained balanced in my life.

I have gained BALANCE in life. I have fixed the unhealthy emotional dependence I had with food. Food is not “evil” anymore. I see food as fuel and can recognize my body’s needs much easier than before. I don’t feel as angry at PCOS as I was when I started this program. I was angry at how PCOS had affected my life and felt that it had robbed my future. Now I feel okay with PCOS. PCOS isn’t going anywhere, but I understand it and know how to help it, instead of fight it.


Previous client

I learned to make sustainable diet changes.

I had been following really strict diets that weren’t sustainable and then I would end up bingeing. Through the program, I learned how to create a more sustainable diet change.


Previous client

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